Provincial Heads of Orders Portrait Gallery

coshall portrait

At the invitation of the Craft Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Cambridgeshire, RW Bro William H Dastur, a framed portrait photograph of the Provincial Grand Master for East Anglia, RW Bro Brian W Coshall KSM, is now included in an official gallery of portraits of the Provincial Heads of other Orders meeting in the Craft Province of Cambridgeshire. These are on display at the Cambridge Masonic Hall, Bateman Street, Cambridge.

Presently the Court of Aelfred No 2 (Newmarket) and the Court of Unity at Witesie No 84 (Whittlesey) meet within the Craft Province of Cambridgeshire. It is anticipated that with the approval of the MWGM (MOA) and the ProvGM (Craft), in 2017 a new Court of Athelstan will be Consecrated at Bateman Street.